• 75 minute full coaching call
  • 1: 15 minute check-in call
  • Limited email & text support
  • Personalized PRINT assessment

Why weekly?

Want fast results? This track is for you. Weekly coaching accelerates your progress and gets you what you want, sooner rather than later. Some situations require immediate action and quick change. When pivotal decisions need to be made, emotional pain becomes unbearable, or you’re at a crossroads, weekly coaching empowers you to make positive change at the moment it’s needed.

Why bi-weekly?

If you’re looking for long-term, sustained change that isn’t based on a critical state, bi-weekly coaching is for you. When a situation isn’t urgent, but enough is enough, this level of coaching paces towards your end-goals in a powerful manner that is digestible, yet actionable.

What can I expect?

Transformative results. In an outcome-focused process, we get intimate with the mores and tenets that currently drive your life. From there we take on your thoughts, words, assumptions, attitudes, stories, personal practices, and the beliefs and strategies that have gotten you this far. We tackle it all with an energetic and adventurous approach, promoting both personal and professional growth so that life unfolds for you in a new and purposeful way.

Coaching with Nancy Carlstrom has made THE difference I needed in my life. It has brought me to levels I didn’t think were possible. When I began coaching I was in a dark place in my life. I didn’t know where to turn next; coaching seemed like the next right step. I certainly didn’t have anything to lose except my old life of feeling like I was going nowhere. Nancy guided me, patiently, and without letting me slip back into my old behaviors and thoughts. Even when I felt like I was falling backwards, she helped me recognize what it feels like to be in the process of positive change. Within the first month, I started to attract more money, more meaningful relationships, and by the beginning of the 3rd month, my dream job! I would recommend coaching to anyone, no matter what you’re wanting to do. It’s amazing and I can’t wait for my next session with her. She has helped me understand the powerful ME that I am and that I can dream BIG and it can and IS ALL HAPPENING!

Dr. Sarah H., DC, California

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