Free Solo

Are you ready for an inspirational and heart pounding movie that’s sure to pique your curiosity about the power of a dream and the belief system, commitment, preparation, and sheer concentration it takes to achieve it? Then Free Solo, is a must-see!

Free Solo is an Academy Award-nominated National Geographic film (2018 Best Documentary Feature) that tells the story of professional rock climber Alex Hannold who, on June 3, 2017, was the first person to scale the 3,000 foot sheer granite wall of El Capitan in Yosemite National Park in under 4 hours … without ropes, harnesses, or any protective equipment. That’s free soloing! 

What’s so riveting about this film is not only the focus, fortitude, and physical prowess that Alex has, but how he lives a life of purpose and intent. The way in which he approaches his objective and the intense effect he has on the people around him who support and document his relentless commitment to this astonishing and complex climb is one of the best examples living a life with intention, mindfulness, and the importance of answering the call within, even when it goes against convention and the comfort zones most abide by.

While I’m certainly not advocating for people to take risks for the sake of risk or in the pursuit of superficial individuality, adding Free Solo into your movie repertoire offers an inspirational look at what life looks like when someone lives their own unique truth, without apology. Prepare to first be awestruck, and then inspired to take on a fresh challenge in your life!