Hypnotizing Maria

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The saying, “it’s as plain as the nose on your face,” is a relevant adage with respect to this little philosophical book that will open your eyes to the fact that the world holds far more for each of us than what we are currently mesmerized into seeing, thinking and believing.

In Hypnotizing Maria, Richard Bach opens his compelling fable with Jamie Forbes, a pilot, guiding a woman to safely landing a plane after her husband loses consciousness. Once on the ground, she claims that a stranger appeared in an airplane alongside her and hypnotized her into landing. From there, the story unfolds and explores reality and the power of suggestion that creates the conditions and experiences of our lives.

Wrapped in this page-turning, easy read, are thought provoking profundities that show us how we are living in a world full of appearances … and when we stop accepting everything at face value and as reality, our world can open and our reality can morph and change in insightful and meaningful ways.

Don’t let this small book fool you – it is packed with more insight and wisdom than its size belies – and it is a true example of how life’s wisdom is within us all along, no matter the moment.