Guess What Was ON The Box!

DSW BoxThe DSW (Designer Shoe Warehouse®) shipping box said so much: ‘highly addictive contents inside’. Wow! That’s certainly a profound truth!

Just like that box, every one of us has highly addictive contents inside and we know just what those contents are; our thoughts! Thoughts that consume us, that make us feel powerful or powerless, excite us or stress us, thoughts that remind us of what is right or wrong with ourselves and others.

Those contents are churning morning, noon and night because our amazing minds never stop. Luckily, because brains are neuro-plastic and can be rewired based on what we spend our time thinking and talking about, we really do have the keen ability to discriminate and choose the contents that change our outcomes.

If today’s the day you deliberately choose new highly addictive contents that feel and look good on you, that strengthen your character, and get you hooked on a perspective of positive possibilities making 2014 a year to remember, what thoughts would you transform?

Choose the contents.

Deliberately filling our insides with thoughts that create good ‘mojo’ literally changes our cellular structure as well as positively imprints on others. It’s an inside-out job and it’s just as easy to choose something positive to think and talk about as it is to choose the negative, especially remembering that the Law of Attraction is always in action. Become addicted to the habit of choosing positivity, feeling good, and letting it leak out all around you.

Choose the recipients.

Life is a fascinating journey filled with challenges and invitations all around us. We’re in this together and every single one of us can deeply benefit from a little more connection, compassion and TLC. Get addicted to those random acts of kindness that elevate both the giver (you!) and the receiver. It’s the perfect time of year to begin.

Choose the delivery date.

There’s no better time than NOW to invest in a new way of thinking and being. Our rapidly changing world is in great need of more goodness! Who we are, how we act and interact, matters in the moment and well beyond. Commit to a healthy addiction of making a positive difference in your own life and the lives of others beginning today.

There are wonderful lessons to be learned from that shipping box slogan, especially this time of year when we are primed to reach for thoughts that are more creative, hopeful and forward-thinking. The very best ways you get more in life is to be sure your highly addictive contents inside match and honor your dreams, desires, goals and the legacy you want to leave.

Become highly intentional, selective and downright picky about your contents by choosing to load yourself with more of what feels and looks good on you today so that you are strutting your new and improved self tomorrow!

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  • Beverley
    9:39 am

    love the message ….love the new artsy look of your newsletter

    yes … words …create a whole picture in themselves !!!

    taking care …to live each moment from a clear vantage point ….Beverley