Inspiration – from an unlikely source!

I watch very little television so when my sister asked if I had seen a recent episode of Grey’s Anatomy, which I haven’t viewed in seven years, I was curious and tuned in.

What did I find? A story rich with three compelling questions that everyone should take the time to ask themselves. While the story and questions centered primarily on a patient left paralyzed from an accident, the inspiring questions can be powerful catalysts for each of us to keep us from becoming stagnant or incapacitated in our lives.

It’s Spring, Mother Nature is sparking rapid change, and by her example she’s inviting us to do the same.

So what does it take to ignite rapid change in our own life so happiness and fulfillment are more than fleeting notions; they become the absolutes of our experiences?

It takes courage – to take a truthful, no B.S., look at ourselves, to honestly evaluate how we got to where we are, and then put our stake in the ground for something even better.

It takes courage to ask yourself these three profound questions so you can launch your bold cycle of change.

Do you know who you are?

Most of the time, we all view and live our lives through the lens of our past. Despite the parameters your past has laid on you, the core of who you innately are strives to feel good, to be more, and to reach for fulfillment through new and different experiences. By taking an honest assessment of where you’re at in life and facing your old limitations, you can begin to open your mind to what can be.

Do you know what happened to you?

Life is a culmination of our stories, beliefs, attitudes and objections. We constantly recycle our thoughts, feelings and habits, thus re-living a lot of yesterday again today and tomorrow. What part of your life have you memorized, where have you fallen asleep, where have you quit yourself and settled for what you already know?

Do you want to live this way?

Life can change in a nano-second when we get real and make a decision. Happy exactly where you are in your life or are you ready for more? Are you at a break-down point or could it really be your break-through point? There’s power in knowing that there is a vibrant future right on the other side of your decision. The choice is always yours.

Let me add one more question, my favorite one:

What are you going to do about it?

Here’s your power packed first step: Assume responsibility for where you are and for all that is happening in your life. And do it right now. Your thoughts, your patterns and your choices are the very reasons everything wanted and unwanted happens to you. With that knowledge you can embrace the truth that you really are in the driver’s seat and life isn’t happening to you, it’s happening for you.

Starting to feel a bit uncomfortable? Good! That’s where it all begins.

Recognizing your starting point is the platform for springing forward. The speed and momentum of achieving what you want is up to you. Some people do it all on their own, some need a guiding hand. The choice is yours, but the truth remains that right now is the ideal time to move forward to offer, accomplish, and experience more, and proactive change is the only way.